2015 - 2016, Head of Design

Behaviour Change by Design.

How can design help people live a less stressful, more balanced and healthier life?

Kelaa is a mental resilience programme. It was designed to help employees to sleep better, think positively, and live happily — one step at a time, through tailored exercises and challenges.

It’s working

15% Decrease in Stress Levels

After just three weeks of using Kelaa, employees show clear signs of reduced stress. Stress reduction leads to higher productivity, less absenteeism and lower attrition rates.

11% Increase in Mental Resilience

After three weeks of use, employees experience an increase in Mental Resilience. Higher resilience levels foster creativity and productivity, as well as greater employee engagement.

Find out more about the programme here.

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The team

David Haber: Data science

Diego Martin-Serrano: Full-stack development

Christopher Lorenz: Product management

Raphael Gall: Psychology

Rui Eduardo: Design

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