2019, Product Design

Your own sports shop.

A place to learn, engage, and be inspired.

The brief: create a personalized and customizable experience vision for the brand's members, designed for online and in-store.

Immersive content

Whether you’re on the look for an offer, craving some inspiration or wanting advice finding your next runners, we wanted this service to be the place to go.

Mindful consumption

We designed a loyalty programme that wants you to be more mindful about what you buy, how you use, re-use, and recicle your garments. The greenest, most mindful members we’ll even get a sleek Green Card!

It's all in the details

From the colors to the typography and imagery, the design team made sure to reiforces the client's brand essence. The new motion curve, inspired by the decisive moment of a sports event brings a sophisticated yet fluid feeling to the app. A fast start with a smooth transition to a bright finish.

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Project duration

4 weeks.

The design team

Rui Eduardo: Product design

Niklas Svhan: Product design